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Please use the link at the end of this article to get started! [Also here] Start saving with Qapital today using my link and use code 4b5z282t and we'll both get $10 towards our first goal!

Saving money, although a seemingly simple task, can sometimes prove to be quite difficult. This can be especially true if you only have one savings account. You have more than one goal that you're saving towards, but only one account to put your money into - so how do you know how much money you've put aside for each goal? Do you update a spreadsheet every time you get paid?

Qapital makes saving money a breeze! This app lets you set savings goals and automated ways to add money towards those goals. Unlike your one savings account, when you save with Qapital, you don't see the money unless you access your app - meaning you are also less likely to spend it on something else! It will also allow you to set up multiple savings goals to keep your money separate.

Let's say you want to put aside $500 for a rainy day fund. I'll show you how!

First, you'll need to determine just what you're saving for. Are you saving to do something, go somewhere, get something, pay off debts, or just start saving? These are the actual options you are given. You can also save to invest, but this is a premium feature that I'll come back to. For this rainy day fund, we'll go with "just start saving."

After this, you'll be asked to name your goal, so we'll call it "Rainy Day Fund" here. Next, choose your target amount, which in this case is $500. Then, set a rule. You'll notice another option for "savers," which we will come back to in a moment.

Rules allow you to determine how much money you want to set aside and how often. You can set up recurring deposits, round up to the nearest X dollars, take a percentage out of your paycheck when you make >X, and much more!

I love the selection of Rules here! But wait, there's more! This feature goes even deeper with the IFTTT option (keep reading).

IFTT, if you're not already familiar with it, stands for If This Then That. In other words, when one thing happens, then Qapital will set aside money towards your goal! You can choose rules including anything from saving when you meet your FitBit step goals, to anytime you post on Instagram, or even save money when the International Space Station is overhead (which apparently happens 16 times per day)!

As I mentioned earlier, you can add additional savers. Say, for example, you are planning a $1,000 trip with friends. You can add your friends to your savings goal and keep tabs on when they save money to keep them on track. You'll also be able to see how much other savers are contributing towards the goal.

As I mentioned, the app does have other premium options as well, giving you access to the other features such as investing. The prices range from $3/mo for the basic plan, to $6/mo for the complete plan, and $12/mo for the master plan - all of which offer a %50 monthly discount if you purchase the annual plan. For example, I currently use the basic plan, which would normally be $3/mo but I pay yearly, so it is $1.50/mo, or $18/year.

Start saving with Qapital today using my link and use code 4b5z282t and we'll both get $10 towards our first goal! Use Qapital through August 15th to help me earn $500 towards my goal!



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