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Social media platforms play a crucial role in modern-day marketing by connecting with consumers where they already spend much of their time. Here, we help you understand how each platform can be leveraged to benefit your business.


Most popular

Very versatile

Facebook is the most popular social media platform thanks to its ease of use and variety of actions that can be conducted through it.
Every business should have a Facebook Page because it is an easy way to connect with customers and also to create ads. Since Instagram is now owned by Facebook, businesses will need a Facebook page to create Instagram ads.


Planning ahead
Large female user base

Pinterest is a highly visual platform that allows users to create and share ideas by "pinning" them to "boards." Pinterest users tend to use this platform plan ahead for future ideas such as DIY crafts, home improvement, etc. As a business owner, you can leverage this site not only to display your own products but also to get new ideas for your business. Check out our board for some examples!


Quick and easy
Short posts

You would be surprised what you can share in 240 characters. Twitter is a great platform for linking back to your website and blog. Here, you can also share photos and videos, and interact easily with your audience. Twitter also features the use of hashtags to categorize content.


Business Professionals

LinkedIn is the largest and most popular social media site for business professionals. On this platform, you can be sure that the majority of your audience is specifically interested in improving their business, making it a great place to find leads for B2B sales. You can also use LinkedIn to find prospective employees to add to your business.


Visually display content

Instagram is an increasingly popular platform to visually display content. With new tools like Instagram Live and Instagram Stories, businesses can easily promote themselves. Hashtags can be used as keywords to discover and categorize content.
Create a Facebook Page for your business to create Instagram Ads.


Temporary visual content
Good for awareness

Snapchat is relatively new compared to the other platforms but is still incredibly popular. You can send pictures and videos to people or post them to your story for 24 hours for any of your friends and followers to see.
Another great feature of Snapchat is the ability to create filters and lenses. These can be great marketing tools for businesses to boost brand awareness, or notify the market of an event.

Cyber Security

Tips for increasing security and privacy online

Use a router with WPA2 encryption AND Push-Button Authentication

The fastest known way to hack into a router with these two features involves using a wordlist, which can deter hackers because it usually takes a long time to crack the password. See the next tip to learn how to create a strong password.


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